Flipper d'Elle Double Espoir Ibrahim
Quartieme Espoir
Pavlova Des Malais Jalisco B
Gueule D’amour
Vreni van den Blauwaert Skippy II Galoubet A
Kasandra Fantastique
A foal, sold for charity like “SOS Poa”, should not be any foal. The quality should be of such a level, that the profit, truly makes a difference in the lives of tens of orphans. We believe, that with Frost, at proud son of Flipper d’Elle, we have found such a foal. His dam, Vreni van den Blauwaert, brings us to Colombo van den Blauwaert (Nabab-SkippyII), the new star of Eric Navet. Colombo lists a series of good results at 1.50m level. Flipper d’Elle, for many years, is a showjumping phenomenon, know for his great mentality, his allergy for the fences and a string of topresults.