Cantoblanco Canto Canturo
G-Casablanca Carolus I
Waage I
Tamina Calato Capitol I
Vanessa III
Goldkuste I Lord
Contender is without a doubt the most know horse of dam line 2472. But his half-brothers Cornetto or Cassandro I and II live up to his legacy. This is the same family as Loreen, the 1.60m GP-horse of Samantha McIntosch, which dominated speed classes with Manfred Marschall. The sire of Celestia is Cantoblanco, sieger stallion in 2008, son of another sieger stallion, Canto in 2004. The base of this sirelinage is the olympic performer Canturo. Calato is well known as the sire to Cöster or Corinessa (H.Bourdy) but he is just as influential as dam’s sire to successful horses like Commisario (J.Epaillard) and Chupa Chup (B.Alves).