Kannan Voltaire Furiose II
Gogo Moeve
Cemeta Nimmerdor
Aphrodite d’Arsouilles Nabab de Reve Quidam de Revel
Melodie en Fa
Illico d’Arsouilles Fleuri du Manoir
Venzin d’Arsouilles
Since the WEG in Kentucky 2010, Vigo d’Arsouilles’ pedigree has been analysed by every breeder. How ever it takes little effort to discover that performance is anchored in his family. His half-sister Regina (Apache du Forest) produced Comte d’Arsouilles (A.Onyschenko). His full-borther, Billund, stood at the start of a fantastic career, when an accident ended his life early. The half-sister of his dam, Quinta, became world champions of the 7-year-olds, and gave life to Antartica ter Doorn (C.David) Another half-sister, Gucci, gave birth to Joyce and Katinka (1.50m-E.Navet), Katinka being responsible for the 1.50m horses Daytona, Bulgari and Rigal.

Sire Kannan’s French national tittle is easily forgotten, just like the win in the La Baule NC, a 2nd place in GP’s of Gijon and Moscow. Not beacause these results are not important but beacause Kannan has a great influence on sporthorse breeding: A Big Boy (A.De Miranda), Babbe van ’t Roosakker, Baldo (M.Anon), Bridget (B.Alves), Brustor Boy (S.Guerdat), Carlito (K.Vereecke), Kismet (M.Michaels-Beerbaum).