Contender Calypso II Cor de la Bruyere
Goffine Ramiro Z
Calata Calato Capitol I
Vanessa III
Ferline Romino
As you know by now, a direct Contender-son becomes hard to find, however in Aalst you find 2. This one holds a promising future, like all Contender offspring such as Contendro, Archie Bunker (W.Simpson), Carlina (A.Krieg) and Carpalo (N.Bruynseels). Fenix, a half-brother of Calata, was M.P. Leichle’s nations Cup horse, Surprise, a niece of Calata is M.Diederichsmeyer’s speedhorse. A bit further in this family is Ballerina, she won team gold at the ’97 EC with M.Merschformann.