Coupe de Coeur Calido I Cantus
Baronesse VII
Adele Lincoln
Cheer Charcamm Z Calato Capitol I
Vanessa III
Vanna van het Voorhof Bon Ami
Coupe de Coeur, a successtory with several riders. Both under Tebbel as Beerbaum, the Calido collected a number of wins in German Championships (Balve, Munster), NC (Rotterdam, Dublin Barcelona), and GP’s (Oslo, Dortmund).

He is the half-brother to Russel (N.Skelton) and California (G.Böckmann), both competing with Coupe for the biggest trophies within their damline! Also in this foal’s damline, constructed by Calato-Bon Ami- Landetto-Darco, a race arises with Armani (Artos) and Eurocommerce Resana.