Contender Calypso II Cor de la Bruyere
Goffine Ramiro Z
Charming Lady Candillo Cassini I
Fanny VI Caletto I
They start to become rare, the Contenders and as you know, what is rare, is wanted! Not only the shortage makes Contenders wanted, also the offspring contribute to the great demand! Montender (M.Kutsher – EK), Carlo (N.Skelton), Canabis Z, Chellano Z, Con Air form a small selection of stallions and sporthorses who write the next chapter in the Contender-story. In the 3rd generation, the mare Fanny is the full sister to Cambridge, the base for Catoki, Chambertin, Cherubin van de Helle, Nemo and Penny Lane. This foal is closely related to the stallions Clintord I and II.