aertbreaker Heartbreaker Nimmerdor
Quamira Ramiro Z
Time for Picobello Z ‘t Is voltaire Voltaire
Pleasure by Picobello Papillon Rouge

The name suggests his origin and mentality. ‘A Winner of Picobello’ is a winner-type with lots of blood, bred in the stables of Luc Ruant. The son of Aertbreaker, better known as Eurocommerce Edinburgh (Eiken Sato), has the blood of Heartbreaker and Ramiro running through his veins. Via his dam ‘Time for Picobello’ (‘T is Voltaire) we arrive at the successful sport horse ‘Pleasure by Picobello’, also known as Meautry’s Pleasure. This mare was sequentially successful with Eric Van der Vleuten, Andreas Knippling, Peter Wylde and Max Kuehner.