08 Feb 2017

Arab interest in Flanders Embryo Auction

The Belgian breeders and sellers of show jumping horses Gerald Lenaerts and Luk Van Puijmbroeck and their team arrived in Dubai today.  Tomorrow, Friday, is the first edition of the Flanders Embryo Auction at CSI3 * Sharjah. "Although we have no idea how the auction will go, we have a good feeling about it. A lot of interest is already shown by the Arabs, "says Gerald Lenaerts.

"I've been here three weeks ago when they organized a World Cup Qualifier. At first they thought it was a bit strange, until I explained how it operates. The Arabs are properly informed about the show jumping bloodlines. Because they always bought horses for what they needed at that moment and paid top prizes as a result, they are now more interested in investing in an embryo for the future, "says Lenaerts.

Exclusive collection
The 21 selected embryos - the first will be born in March - come from the best European bloodlines. "This embryo collection you can not get together with foals. It is so exclusive. Once the foals are born and look good, breeders don’t like to offer them to an auction. Of course buying an embryo is a gamble, but they can be insured after the purchase. "

Gerald Lenaerts noted a striking trend in the UAE. "The Arabs increasingly like to train a young horse themselves and there are now more and more classes with young horses. Although with 20 to 30 horses per class, but there is a growing interest. To insure ourselves somewhat, we have opened the auction. Anyone can bid online and by telephone. "

Born in Belgium
The embryos will be born in Belgium where they also can spend their first years. "Especially if they are purchased by Arabs. Arab thoroughbreds are able to grow up in the UAE. They are adapted to the circumstances, but from experience they know warmblood horses often fall behind in development. They don’t have the grass that we have and it's too hot in the summer.  

It is only a matter of time before we know who the new owners are of the embryos from (half) sisters of Big Star, Taloubet Z, Arko III, Sapphire, Vagabond de la Pomme, Inschallah de Muze, Quickly de Kreisker, Carthago Z and Montender. Or will the full siblings of Hello Sanctos, Flora de Mariposa and Primeval Dejavu be most popular?

Auction time
The auction starts on Friday at 13.30 Brussels time, which equates to 16.30 local time in Sharjah (UAE). Those who register in advance (at least 1 hours) at www.equinia.com can bid online from anywhere in the world. Clipmyhorse.tv will take care of the live broadcast from Sharjah.

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