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Flanders Foal Auction continues its auction
17 April, 2020

Although it is still uncertain when events will be allowed again because of the Corona virus, Flanders Foal Auction decided to continue its auctions. “With or without public, we will auction foals."

Flanders Foal Auction in May at Jumping Schröder Tubbergen
11 February, 2020

The internationally well-known Flanders Foal Auction is coming to the Netherlands. In addition to several successful foal and embryo auctions ten foals will be auctioned on Friday-night 15 May during Jumping Schröder Tubbergen.

Confidence in embryo’s once more confirmed in Emirates
01 February, 2020

Sharjah (UAE)

The fourth edition in Sharjah yielded an average price of 18,642 euro and the most expensive of the still unborn foals was one that had never been on the market before: a Chacco Blue out of the half-sister to Catch Me If You Can for 30,000 euro.

Chacco Blue remains the highlight among Flanders embryo’s
12 January, 2020

For Flanders Foal Auction the auction year 2020 started with the sale of eight as yet unborn showjumping foals at the annual Horse Auction Belgium in Opglabbeek. Six embryos were sold for the average price of 16,333 euro.

Flanders Foal & Embryo Auction: 'Offer what is not easily found on the market'
14 December, 2019

Foal and embryo auctions are growing like mushrooms these last couple of years, but many eventually disappear again. Flanders Foal Auction, however, built up quite a reputation. What is the key to the success?

Flanders Foal Auction starts new auction year in Norway
08 October, 2019

Flanders Foal Auction continues to grow international. Apart from the annual embryo auction in the United Arab Emirates and the successful debut in Dublin last August, the focus is now also on Norway.

Flanders Foal Auction Questionnaire
03 October, 2019

Flanders Foal & Embryo Auction is one of the most trend-setting foal and embryo auctions in the world. The foals and embryo’s find buyers world-wide and the list of references is growing every day.

Reference: O'Bailey van het Brouwershof qualified for WC Lanaken
01 September, 2019

The BWP approved stallion O'Bailey van het Brouwershof (Darco x Contact van de Heffinck x Chatman), auctioned at Flanders Foal Auction, won Van Mossel Automotive Cup for 5yo's in Schijndel on Sunday, September 1.

1.000 euro cheque for three top riders
01 September, 2019

Yesterday three riders won a 1.000 euro cheque which they can spend during the Flanders Foal Auction at Sentower Park on 19 September.

Flanders Horse Event and Flanders Foal Auction working together
17 May, 2019

Flanders Foal Auction, the internationally renowned foal auction from Luk Van Puymbroeck and Gerald Lenaerts, has expanded. Now also the international showjumping show Flanders Horse Event in Beervelde, Belgium, has been added to the calendar.

From embryo to foal!
24 March, 2019

Buying embryo's. It still sounds a bit weird doesn't it? But from now on, we'll show you the results of investment in unborn foals! Meet this beautiful foal by Comme il Faut x Kannan, sold in January in Sharjah (UAE) and recently born.

Price list embryo auction in Sharjah 2019
26 January, 2019

Sharjah (UAE)

The third Flanders Embryo Auction in the Emirates has been very successful. 19 of the 21 unborn jumping foals were sold. View the price list here.

Emirates invest in Flanders Embryo Auction
25 January, 2019

Sharjah (UAE)

The third edition of the Flanders Embryo Auction in the Arab Emirates surpassed the previous two - also successful - auctions in all respects. Nineteen of the 21 unborn foals out of excellent mares lines were sold for 369,000 euro.

We'll start with half an hour delay
25 January, 2019

The Flanders Embryo Auction will start around 16.00 Central European Time (= 19.00 local time UAE). The Nations Cup is just finished and we prepare everything now to start with the auction.

Tips for the auction
24 January, 2019

Two advices for those who would like to follow our Flanders Embryo Auction in Sharjah on Friday 25 January.

Flanders Foal Auction back again in the Emirates
14 January, 2019

The new year has barely begun or Flanders Foal Auction has already sold its first unborn showjumping foal. All eyes are now on the Flanders Embryo Auction in Sharjah, near Dubai, on Friday 25 January.

Embryo collection in Sharjah online
06 January, 2019

Only a few weeks to go and than we'll be at the beautiful Sharjah Equestrian & Racing Club (UAE) for our Flanders Embryo Auction on 25 January for the 3rd (!) year in a row. The collection with 20 embryo's is online now!

Start of 2019: 6 embryos in Horse Auction Belgium
02 January, 2019

As a warm-up of 2019 some exclusively bred embryos will be auctioned during Horse Auction Belgium at Sentower Park in Opglabbeek on Saturday 12 January.

Flanders Foal Auction breaks new record at Sentower Park
14 September, 2018

Auction year 2018, with five auctions, was closed by Flanders Foal Auction with a new record. On Thursday night 13 September 32 showjumping foals and one embryo were auctioned at Sentower Park for an average price of as much as 17,242 euro.

Would you like to be our VIP with 5 of your friends?
06 September, 2018

We are looking forward to our Flanders Foal Auction on Thursday 13 September at Sentower Park in Opglabbeek (Belgium) and would like to see you all. We decided to give away a VIP-table for 6 persons.

Prize list Sharjah 2018
12 February, 2018

Sharjah (UAE)

Check here for the prices of the Flanders Embryo Auction in Sharjah on Friday 9 February?

Embryo of Valentina van ‘t Heike for 44.000 euros to Russia
09 February, 2018

Sharjah (UAE)

The expectation that there would be a lot of interest for the embryo of Valentina van 't Heike was met with 44.000 euros

Jos Lansink: 'Normally I do not sell anything from Valentina'
08 February, 2018

Sharjah (UAE)

Conflict for Jos Lansink. Actually he doesn’t want to sell, on the other hand he is positively nervous for tomorrow.

Sultan: 'You can not breed one nearly as good yourself'
08 February, 2018

Sharjah (UAE)

"The Flanders Embryo Auction is the first and only in the UAE and last year I think it was a great success."

Frequently asked questions about Flanders Embryo Auction
23 January, 2018

Sharjah (UAE)

What you need to know about buying an embryo at the Flanders Embryo Auction in Sharjah or Ocala.

Flanders Embryo Auction meets Arab riders demand
22 January, 2018

Sharjah (UAE)

After the unique start of the Flanders Embryo Auction in Sharjah we'll auction exclusive embryos again on 9 February.

Cobelensky to 3rd phase BWP Stallion Selection
22 January, 2018

 From auction foal to potential breeding stallion: Cobelensky (Cornet Obolensky x Calvin Z).

95,000 euros for embryo's in Horse Auction Belgium
14 January, 2018

The embryo from Heartbreaker out of the 1.60m Grand Prix mare Pernot (by Burggraaf) was sold for 24,000 euros.

Six embryos for sale on 13 January
04 January, 2018

The Flanders Foal Auction added six embryos to the Horse Auction Belgian collection. They are for sale on 13 January.

55,000 euro for trotter foal, 20,000 for showjumping foal
02 November, 2017

The 1st EVSB Selected Trotting Sale in Sint-Niklaas in co-operation with the Flanders Foal Auction yielded good prices.

Ready for the auction at QC Stables
31 October, 2017

From far and wide, clients have made VIP-table reservations for the auction tomorrow, Wednesday, November

New: When trotters meet jumpers
16 October, 2017

The FFA-team will auction 11 interestingly bred jumping foals on November 1 during the 1st EVSB Selected Trotting Sale.

Update 21.50: Auction will start soon
24 June, 2017

The presentation of the auction foals will take place around 20.15 The auction will start around 22.00.

Auction dates Bonheiden & Opglabbeek
17 May, 2017

The Flanders Foal Auctions will be organized again this year. On June 24th in Bonheiden and Sept. 21th in Opglabbeek.

100,000 euros for future sibling of Flora de Mariposa
10 February, 2017

Sharjah (UAE)

The initiative to auction embryos in the Emirates was rewarded with an average price of 24,950 euros.

Arab interest in Flanders Embryo Auction
08 February, 2017

Sharjah (UAE)

"Although we have no idea how the auction will go, we have a good feeling about it", says Gerald Lenaerts.

Online bidding? Register here
04 February, 2017

Sharjah (UAE)

Those who register on www.equinia.com will be able to bid online during the Flanders Embryo Auction.

Unique Belgian embryos in online auction from UAE
18 January, 2017

Sharjah (UAE)

The Flanders Foal Auction has start a new initiative: the Flanders Embryo Auction.

New adventure: 10-02-2017 embryo auction!
16 January, 2017

Sharjah (UAE)

Started in 2011 as Aalst International Auction with the sale of 16 foals, we have continued to grow over the last fi ve ...


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