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Flanders Foal Auction: Buyers want more security
07 September, 2019

Opglabbeek (B)

The trend of foals going for less money at foal auctions than in previous years has so far passed by Flanders Foal Auction. So, what is up? We ask Gerald Lenaerts from Flanders Foal Auction.

Reference: O'Bailey van het Brouwershof qualified for WC Lanaken
01 September, 2019

The BWP approved stallion O'Bailey van het Brouwershof (Darco x Contact van de Heffinck x Chatman), auctioned at Flanders Foal Auction, won Van Mossel Automotive Cup for 5yo's in Schijndel on Sunday, September 1.

1.000 euro cheque for three top riders
01 September, 2019

Yesterday three riders won a 1.000 euro cheque which they can spend during the Flanders Foal Auction at Sentower Park on 19 September.

Ireland greets Flanders Embryo Auction with 40,000 euro record
10 August, 2019

Dublin (IRL)

The first embryo auction of Flanders Foal Auction in Dublin set a new record with an average price of 20,000 euro. Of the twenty showjumping foals still to be born out of excellent dam lines nineteen were sold.

Good to know when you buy an embryo in Dublin...
09 August, 2019

Dublin (IRL)

For the first time, a Flanders Embryo Auction is being organized on Friday evening, 9 August, at the InterContinental Hotel in Dublin. What can you expect?

Flanders Foal Auction prices hit the roof in Beervelde
04 August, 2019

Beervelde (BEL)

At the very first edition at the magnificent CSI3* show Flanders Horse Event the already impressively high prices hit the roof. The 27 foals in Beervelde went for a total of 650,000 euro, that means for an average price of 24,074 eur.

‘Honoured to be allowed to auction first embryo’s in Dublin’
01 August, 2019

Dublin (IRL)

For Flanders Foal Auction offering embryo’s for sale abroad is nothing new, but Dublin is a first, on Friday night 9 August. Besides embryo auctions in the Emirates and the USA, the team is now in Ireland to offer an exclusive collection.

Chacco Blue radiant centre of Flanders Foal Auction Beervelde
14 July, 2019

Beervelde (BEL)

The very first Flanders Foal Auction held during the Flanders Horse Event in Beervelde, will be sensational. On Saturday 3 August thirty excellently bred showjumping foals will be auctioned and the influence of Chacco Blue is immediately noticeable.

'Flanders Selection process has done the work for me'
11 July, 2019

Bonheiden (B)

The last two foals in the Flanders Foal Auction Bonheiden on June 22 came in British hands. New owner of Vega van de Berghoeve Z (Vigo d'Arsouilles) and Jiho un Prince (Diamant de Semilly) is Hempleman Equestrian. Time to ask some questions.

Flanders Foal Auction in Bonheiden maintains sharp prices
23 June, 2019

Bonheiden (B)

Buyers from all over the world made a good deal at Jumping Bonheiden last night in the Flanders Foal Auction. A son of For Pleasure and Sisi Van Schuttershof was the most expensive foal by far with 42,000 euro.

Breeders motivated for Flanders Foal Auction Bonheiden
05 June, 2019

Bonheiden (B)

Numerous breeders have offered their best showjumping foals to the organisation of Flanders Foal Auction so that a very strong auction collection was compiled for the auction on Saturday night 22 June during Jumping Bonheiden.

Flanders Horse Event and Flanders Foal Auction working together
17 May, 2019

Flanders Foal Auction, the internationally renowned foal auction from Luk Van Puymbroeck and Gerald Lenaerts, has expanded. Now also the international showjumping show Flanders Horse Event in Beervelde, Belgium, has been added to the calendar.

Veulenselectie Flanders Foal Auction van start
04 April, 2019

Bonheiden (B)

Na de succesvolle embryoveiling in de Emiraten blikt het team van Flanders Foal Auction vooruit op de veulenveilingen in Bonheiden (22 juni) en Opglabbeek (19 september). De inschrijving van de veulens is geopend.

From embryo to foal!
24 March, 2019

Buying embryo's. It still sounds a bit weird doesn't it? But from now on, we'll show you the results of investment in unborn foals! Meet this beautiful foal by Comme il Faut x Kannan, sold in January in Sharjah (UAE) and recently born.

Price list embryo auction in Sharjah 2019
26 January, 2019

Sharjah (UAE)

The third Flanders Embryo Auction in the Emirates has been very successful. 19 of the 21 unborn jumping foals were sold. View the price list here.

Emirates invest in Flanders Embryo Auction
25 January, 2019

Sharjah (UAE)

The third edition of the Flanders Embryo Auction in the Arab Emirates surpassed the previous two - also successful - auctions in all respects. Nineteen of the 21 unborn foals out of excellent mares lines were sold for 369,000 euro.

We'll start with half an hour delay
25 January, 2019

The Flanders Embryo Auction will start around 16.00 Central European Time (= 19.00 local time UAE). The Nations Cup is just finished and we prepare everything now to start with the auction.

Tips for the auction
24 January, 2019

Two advices for those who would like to follow our Flanders Embryo Auction in Sharjah on Friday 25 January.

Flanders Foal Auction back again in the Emirates
14 January, 2019

The new year has barely begun or Flanders Foal Auction has already sold its first unborn showjumping foal. All eyes are now on the Flanders Embryo Auction in Sharjah, near Dubai, on Friday 25 January.

Embryo collection in Sharjah online
06 January, 2019

Only a few weeks to go and than we'll be at the beautiful Sharjah Equestrian & Racing Club (UAE) for our Flanders Embryo Auction on 25 January for the 3rd (!) year in a row. The collection with 20 embryo's is online now!

Start of 2019: 6 embryos in Horse Auction Belgium
02 January, 2019

As a warm-up of 2019 some exclusively bred embryos will be auctioned during Horse Auction Belgium at Sentower Park in Opglabbeek on Saturday 12 January.

Flanders Foal Auction breaks new record at Sentower Park
14 September, 2018

Auction year 2018, with five auctions, was closed by Flanders Foal Auction with a new record. On Thursday night 13 September 32 showjumping foals and one embryo were auctioned at Sentower Park for an average price of as much as 17,242 euro.

Would you like to be our VIP with 5 of your friends?
06 September, 2018

We are looking forward to our Flanders Foal Auction on Thursday 13 September at Sentower Park in Opglabbeek (Belgium) and would like to see you all. We decided to give away a VIP-table for 6 persons.

1.000 euro check for Allen, Schuttert and Zorzi
01 September, 2018

Opglabbeek (B)

Today Harry Allen, Frank Schuttert and Alberto Zorzi are invited to come and shop at one of the Flanders Foal Auctions. In the Longines Ranking Class at CSI2 * Opglabbeek, sponsored by FFA, the top three won a 1,000 euros check.

Flanders Foal Auction presents embryo out of full sister Cornet Obolensky
18 August, 2018

Opglabbeek (B)

Flanders Foal Auction is preparing for the 'grand final' on Thursday evening 13 September at Sentower Park in Opglabbeek. Unique in the collection is an embryo by For Pleasure out of the full sister of Cornet Obolensky.

Belgians keep Flanders Foal Auction foals within own country
24 June, 2018

Bonheiden (B)

At Jumping Bonheiden Belgian horse owners made sure that not all the best foal material left the country.

Bolesworth Elite Auction holds high level
15 June, 2018

Beervelde (BEL)

With an average price of 17,933 pounds (20,600 euros) per foal, the Bolesworth Elite Auction has maintained last years high level.

Tonight 21.00 (GBR time) Bolesworth Elite Auction
14 June, 2018

Beervelde (BEL)

The team of Flanders Foal Auction arrived yesterday at the international competition in the gardens of Bolesworth Castle, Great-Britain. The auction starts tonight at 22.00 (CET) / 21.00 (local time, GMT+1).

Bid online during the Flanders Foal Auctions
05 June, 2018

Bonheiden (B)

Flanders Foal Auction is innovating. In order to meet the foreign market requirements, an online bidding system is being introduced for the Flanders Foal Auction in Bonheiden.

Flanders Foal Auction is preparing for Bolesworth Elite Auction
30 May, 2018

Beervelde (BEL)

“Our standard is high again", tells Luk Van Puymbroeck, who is looking forward to the Bolesworth Elite Auction together with Gerald Lenaerts. They selected very interestingly bred foals.

Live Oak International to Host U.S. Debut of Flanders Foal Auction
26 February, 2018

Live Oak International will host the first Flanders Embryo Auction in the United States on March 16.

Prize list Sharjah 2018
12 February, 2018

Sharjah (UAE)

Check here for the prices of the Flanders Embryo Auction in Sharjah on Friday 9 February?

Embryo of Valentina van ‘t Heike for 44.000 euros to Russia
09 February, 2018

Sharjah (UAE)

The expectation that there would be a lot of interest for the embryo of Valentina van 't Heike was met with 44.000 euros

Jos Lansink: 'Normally I do not sell anything from Valentina'
08 February, 2018

Sharjah (UAE)

Conflict for Jos Lansink. Actually he doesn’t want to sell, on the other hand he is positively nervous for tomorrow.

Sultan: 'You can not breed one nearly as good yourself'
08 February, 2018

Sharjah (UAE)

"The Flanders Embryo Auction is the first and only in the UAE and last year I think it was a great success."

Frequently asked questions about Flanders Embryo Auction
23 January, 2018

Sharjah (UAE)

What you need to know about buying an embryo at the Flanders Embryo Auction in Sharjah or Ocala.

Flanders Embryo Auction meets Arab riders demand
22 January, 2018

Sharjah (UAE)

After the unique start of the Flanders Embryo Auction in Sharjah we'll auction exclusive embryos again on 9 February.

Cobelensky to 3rd phase BWP Stallion Selection
22 January, 2018

 From auction foal to potential breeding stallion: Cobelensky (Cornet Obolensky x Calvin Z).

95,000 euros for embryo's in Horse Auction Belgium
14 January, 2018

The embryo from Heartbreaker out of the 1.60m Grand Prix mare Pernot (by Burggraaf) was sold for 24,000 euros.

Six embryos for sale on 13 January
04 January, 2018

The Flanders Foal Auction added six embryos to the Horse Auction Belgian collection. They are for sale on 13 January.

Flanders Foal Auction now also to Ocala
03 January, 2018

New! On 16 March the organization of Flanders Foal Auction will auction at Live Oak International in Ocala, USA.

55,000 euro for trotter foal, 20,000 for showjumping foal
02 November, 2017

The 1st EVSB Selected Trotting Sale in Sint-Niklaas in co-operation with the Flanders Foal Auction yielded good prices.

Ready for the auction at QC Stables
31 October, 2017

From far and wide, clients have made VIP-table reservations for the auction tomorrow, Wednesday, November

New: When trotters meet jumpers
16 October, 2017

The FFA-team will auction 11 interestingly bred jumping foals on November 1 during the 1st EVSB Selected Trotting Sale.

Professional buyer gives Flanders a 16,666 euro average price
22 September, 2017

Opglabbeek (B)

"Gerald Lenaerts and I are really pleased. We had a top auction year ", tells Luk Van Puymbroeck

Prijslijst Opglabbeek 2017
21 September, 2017

Opglabbeek (B)

De 36 springveulens tijdens de Flanders Foal Auction in Opglabbeek brachten 600.000 euro op. Check hier de prijzen.

Same auction order as on the website
20 September, 2017

Opglabbeek (B)

The auction order of the foals will remain the same as on the website tomorrow. The presentation starts at 18.00 hrs.

Cumano foal and half brother top horse to Flanders Foal Auction
11 September, 2017

Opglabbeek (B)

"Without prejudice to our previous auctions, I think this collection is very, very strong," says Luk Van Puymbroeck.

Flanders Foal Auction ready for Grand Final on 21 September
08 September, 2017

Opglabbeek (B)

After succesfull auctions in Sharjah (UAE), Bolesworth (GBR) and Bonheiden (BEL) we are looking forward to Opglabbeek.

Flanders Foal Auction in Bonheiden also better than ever
25 June, 2017

Bonheiden (B)

Another auction record is broken with 16.285 euros average prize in Bonheiden.

455.000 euros turnover in Bonheiden
25 June, 2017

Bonheiden (B)

Turnover at the Flanders Foal Auction in Bonheiden: 455.000 euros and average prize 16.250 euros Tommorrow press release

Update 21.50: Auction will start soon
24 June, 2017

The presentation of the auction foals will take place around 20.15 The auction will start around 22.00.

Flanders Foal Auction team dendert door naar Bonheiden
19 June, 2017

Bonheiden (B)

Het vizier van het Flanders Foal Auction team alweer gericht op 'Bonheiden' op zaterdagavond 24 juni.

Bolesworth Elite Auction breaks record after record
17 June, 2017

Beervelde (BEL)

It was a night when records were broken at the 2017 Bolesworth Elite Auction.

Livestreaming Bolesworth Elite Auction by Clipmyhorse
16 June, 2017

Beervelde (BEL)

You can follow the Bolesworth Elite Auction in Great-Britain today at www.clipmyhorse.tv.

Belgian influence in Bolesworth Elite Auction
23 May, 2017

Beervelde (BEL)

New for Flanders Foal Auction: foal-, yearling and embryo auction on Friday 16th June at CSI4* Bolesworth (GBR).

Auction dates Bonheiden & Opglabbeek
17 May, 2017

The Flanders Foal Auctions will be organized again this year. On June 24th in Bonheiden and Sept. 21th in Opglabbeek.

100,000 euros for future sibling of Flora de Mariposa
10 February, 2017

Sharjah (UAE)

The initiative to auction embryos in the Emirates was rewarded with an average price of 24,950 euros.

Arab interest in Flanders Embryo Auction
08 February, 2017

Sharjah (UAE)

"Although we have no idea how the auction will go, we have a good feeling about it", says Gerald Lenaerts.

Online bidding? Register here
04 February, 2017

Sharjah (UAE)

Those who register on www.equinia.com will be able to bid online during the Flanders Embryo Auction.

Unique Belgian embryos in online auction from UAE
18 January, 2017

Sharjah (UAE)

The Flanders Foal Auction has start a new initiative: the Flanders Embryo Auction.

New adventure: 10-02-2017 embryo auction!
16 January, 2017

Sharjah (UAE)

Started in 2011 as Aalst International Auction with the sale of 16 foals, we have continued to grow over the last fi ve ...

Results Foal Auction september 2016
16 September, 2016

Opglabbeek (B)

Click here for the list with results of the auction.

Flanders Foal Auction closes with nearly 16,500 euros on average
16 September, 2016

Opglabbeek (B)

With 49,000 euros as top price and an average price of 16.453 euros, the foal auction was very successful.

49.000 euro voor Quelle Dame van Schuttershof
16 September, 2016

Opglabbeek (B)

De Flanders Foal Auction heeft een schitterende veilingtopper in Quelle Dame van Schuttershof (v. Cornet Obolensky).

Presentation foals at 18:00 hrs
14 September, 2016

Opglabbeek (B)

The presentation of the collection jumping foals on Thursday, September 15th is at 18:00 hrs.

Belgian best jumping genes for sale
14 September, 2016

Opglabbeek (B)

On Thursday 36 jumping foals and two embryos with great jumping genes will be auctioned at Sentower Park in Opglabbeek.

Flanders Foal Auction 25-06-2016
20 June, 2016

Bonheiden (B)

A few more nights sleep and we are ready for another edition of Flanders Foal Auction. Place to be is the fabulous showg...

Selection FFA Bonheiden 2016
15 April, 2016

Bonheiden (B)

For our auction in Bonheiden 2016 we are still looking for well bred foals with a good conformation. Are you interested ...

Live-stream veiling 2015
20 June, 2015

Bonheiden (B)

Voor de livestream van de veiling via Clip My Horse , klik hier

Video and photoshoot
22 May, 2015

Bonheiden (B)

Last Monday we had our video and photo shoot for our auction collection 2015. The superb quality of the foals can be seen...

Next edition of Flanders Foal Auction: 20/06/2015 in Bonheiden
22 April, 2015

Bonheiden (B)

The next edition of Flanders Foal Auction will take place in Bonheiden dd 20/06/15 during the CSI*** Bonheiden. Do you have a very well bred foal that you wish to sell? Please let us know through the following link:

Lot nummer 16 wordt vervangen
09 September, 2014

Opglabbeek (B)

Het oorspronkelijk voorzien embryo van Cornet Obolensky uit volle zus van Air Jordan kan door omstandigheden niet aanwezi...

Veulenkampioen Evergem op Flanders Foal Auction
01 September, 2014

Opglabbeek (B)

Orgullo van 't Vijverhof, een fraai gemodelleerde zoon van Bisquet Balou van de Mispelaere uit een merrie van Wandor van...


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