1. The sale occurs by auction to the highest bidder by payment of the purchase price and expenses.

2. The buyer pays Flanders Foal Auction bvba ten percent (10%) exclusive VAT on top of his purchase price for the sale expenses, which are previously payable by Flanders Foal Auction bvba. It is brought to the buyer’s attention that in addition to the abovementioned f ixed expenses, the buyer also has to pay possible VAT on the purchase sum. If this is the case, the seller shall create an invoice.

3. The purchase sum and expenses are payable to Flanders Foal Auction bvba after no more than five (5) days.

4. The breeder/seller remains responsible for the foal/embryo until delivery. Delivery cannot take place before the foal reaches the age of hunderd and fifty (150) days. The foal should have been weaned for at least 1 week before delivery. The buyer has the possibility the insure the foal for the period between purchase and delivery.  

5. If the buyer pulls out of the purchase, Flanders Foal Auction bvba is entitled to immediately re-auction the foal without accepting the original bidder/buyer’s bid. The original bidder/buyer is obliged to pay Flanders Foal Auction bvba the expenses for re-auctioning the foal as well as the dif ference between his bid and a possibly lower purchase sum after re-auctioning.

6. If a buyer can’t be immediately identif ied, the foal shall be called again.

7. The provisional allocation is done under the condition precedent of the seller’s approval. Immediately after all foals have been provisionally allocated, the respective sellers are asked to give their approval and it is clearly announced in public which foals receive f inal allocations and which foals are withheld.

8. The notary-public decides at f irst and last instance on all disputes regarding the progress of the sale.

9. The sale is done according to Belgian law. Any disputes shall be settled by the courts of the district of Limburg, department Hasselt.

10. Unless other arrangements between buyer and seller/breeder, the seller/breeder is deemed to deliver the foal at the Belgian buyer. If a foreign foal is sold during FFA, the seller/breeder must deliver the foal at the site of the auction, where it is picked up by the buyer. A foreign customer picks up the foal at the seller/breeder’s place.