23 Jan 2018

Frequently asked questions about Flanders Embryo Auction

What you need to know about buying an embryo at the Flanders Embryo Auction in Sharjah (February 9, 2018) or Ocala (March 16, 2018). The most frequently asked questions and our answers.

1. What is an embryo?

In embryo transfer, an embryo (eight-day old morula) is transferred from a genetically very valuable donor mare into a surrogate mare. The embryos that are auctioned in Sharjah (UAE) and Ocala (USA) are almost full-term and will be born in the spring and summer of the same year.

2. Why would you buy an embryo?
The embryos offered by Flanders Foal & Embryo Auction have such interesting pedigrees that they would hardly become available as foals or will have been purchased by buyers before birth. It is a unique opportunity to buy an unborn foal with an exclusive pedigree  with top-class sports genes.

3. Can you insure the purchase of an embryo? How much is this?
Yes, this is possible with our partner Catherine De Buyl Insurance. The insurance from 5 months of pregnancy amounts 13.20% of the purchase price. If the pregnancy is terminated and the foal is born dead, 100% benefit applies. There is even a 200% benefit in case of death after birth between 48 hours and 120 days.

4. If I buy an embryo, where is it born?
Since the surrogate mare is included in the price, the buyer can decide for himself. We can facilitate the birth. The foals are then born under professional supervision in the University of Gent, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

5. I do not have any rearing possibilities myself. Where can the foal grow up?
When purchasing an embryo we offer a package for the care of the surrogate dam and the rearing of the foal until the age of 3 years.

6. Who is responsible for the costs of the foal from birth until the moment it is weaned?
After payment, the surrogate mare is delivered to the place of the buyer's choice. This means the buyer is responsible for all costs after birth.

7. Do you also arrange the transportation of the weaned foal to the client?
Transport can be arranged in mutual consultation.

More questions? Let us know: info@flandersfoalauction.be
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